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Afterdark Facility Presents – The Road To Recovery with Farris Rahman

Defining Grit with Muhamad Ridhwan

In this third instalment, the Afterdark Facility documents how professional boxer Muhamad Ridhwan has had to dig deep to cope with the impact COVID-19 had on his professional boxing career and his gym, Legends Fight Sport. Read More

Defining GRIT with Sim Kai Xiong

In this second instalment, the Afterdark Facility documents just how professional MMA fighter Sim Kai Xiong deals with life in a lockdown. He discovers motivation from within as he develops his mental and physical game while stalking a return to the octagon. Read More

Defining GRIT with Tiffany Teo

As the world gets used to the impact of COVID-19, the Afterdark Facility documents just how professional MMA fighter Tiffany Teo has adapted to restrictions in the pursuit of becoming a mixed martial arts champion. Read More

UNSPRUNG – By Riders For Riders

Alvin Teo talks to the owners of UNSPRUNG about how and why they went from riding mountain bikes to opening a shop of their own. How did UNSPRUNG start for the two of you? Ian: Unsprung started with me and my mum. I was underaged then so legally,… Read More

5 Quick tips for a weekend bike packing adventure by Alvin Teo

Photographed by Alvin Teo Going on a last minute island bikepacking adventure can be really fun; taking some time away from work, the neighbour’s noisy dog, the hustle and bustle of city life. However, your little quick escape can turn a little mucky if you don’t do the necessary prep… Read More

Debut issue of the Afterdark Facility Zine

Sneak peak at the first issue of "Standard" magazine. 36 large format pages of original photographs and photo stories that aim to document a culture of youth that is anything but standard.#standardissuezine #afterdarkfacility #shredsg Read More

Lion City Rollers Retrospective

We take a trip down memory lane and catch up with one of the OGs of the local Aggressive Inline Skating scene Jatt Amat and talk about possibly the most active crew in Singapore the Lion City Rollers. Read More

PHOTO JOURNAL | NO2 Skate Crew Malaysian Road Trip

Deyna Siong Alley-oop Fish Brain on the quarter pipe at Mont Kiara SkateparkMark Teo Backside Full Torque on the horizontal rail at the Penang Youth Park.Mark Teo Backside Full Torque on the horizontal rail at the Penang Youth Park.Austen Chan Topside Acid at the Penang Youth… Read More