Wee Chong Hooi with a Topside Torque Soul in the Boon Lay Canal, Singapore, March 16th, 2016
Tell us about yourself?

You can call me Hooi and I’ve been skating since my Dad got me a pair of rollerblades at 11 years old.

I know you’ve recently moved to Malaysia. You travel up and down much?

Yeah, family commitments and a job opportunity came up in my hometown so I had to move. Having worked and lived in Singapore for 6 years, it’s become like a second home to me. I do commute up and down quite abit but most of my travelling is done for blading competitions.

So where are the top few places in the region? Does Singapore rank in the top 3 at least?

I like to go with the flow and visit countries with interesting skateparks, so it’s hard to rank them all in order but Singapore is always on the list! I have so many friends and street spots to hit in Singapore, countless! I love Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia in no particular order. I would love to do a blade tour to Europe and USA some day. It’s a big dream. Day dream, perhaps.

Wee Chong Hooi clears The Dead Man’s Rail in Holland Village, Singapore, November 23rd, 2016
Is it tough to session a spot without getting chased away in Singapore?

I haven’t really been chased away but I’ve been held up a couple of times by strangers and the police. There was one time, I was about to jump a gap when two strangers grabbed me out of nowhere and held me back, thinking I was about to commit suicide.


Yeah, it’s funny to talk about it now but it could have been really dangerous as well!

What goes through your mind when a spot catches your eye?

Sometimes I see a spot and I feel the urge to do something memorable for myself. I don’t even know if I’m able to execute the trick but I can’t walk away from the possibility of it and I feel the need to see it through.

Haha I love the motivation man! Is there a spot like that for you now?

So many spots, so many. I couldn’t list them all. If you look hard enough, you’ll realise that Singapore is full of interesting street spots. Seriously!

What about the spot we shot for this article?

The carpark gap! That was a disaster. It was a really hard one for me because I couldn’t spot the landing over the rails. But, that one I consider checked!

Haha! Well you landed it clean and we got a nice shot. On to the next one!                       

Laced it! I’ve been thinking about that trick for some time now so I’m really happy to have landed that one man.

Lets get political! Singapore VS Malaysia who wins?

Psssst! Malaysia. Easily!

HAHAHA! I can’t wait for the others to see your answer.

Hahaha. This is a psychological way to push the sport dude. I’m talking about the current scene! I’m not sure about the old school bladers because I haven’t seen them around.

Wee Chong Hooi gets old school with a Rocket Fishbrain in Holland Village, Singapore, November 23rd, 2016
So, it’s because there aren’t many bladers left in Singapore?

I wouldn’t say there aren’t many left. There are always bladers in Singapore but maybe I just haven’t bumped into them lately. I’m usually back in Malaysia on the weekends so I could be missing out on the real size of the Singapore scene.

Maybe all the Singaporean bladers are now adulting hard and only skate on the weekends.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Must be tough juggling family obligations and rollerblading even for yourself with a kid and all.

If you love something, you’ll make it work. There is always time if you choose to make time.            

How about an SG vs MY Battle-My-Crew shoot in future?

Like a movie or something? That would be da bomb! I will definitely be down for that.

Yeah, like a photo project or skate video and we’ll end it all with a big party, haha. How would you describe your blading style? Simple tricks on big obstacles or fancy switchups?

I have to say I love them all. Bladers around the world are getting so creative these days that some tricks are just so ridiculous you never thought they were physically possible.

Are you sponsored by anyone?

Wheel Love Skate shop is my only sponsor for the past 6 years and they’ve been very supportive of me.

Where can we catch you in person?

I am now based in Malaysia and we usually have a Wednesday session in Shah Alam Skate Park. Fridays and Sundays, we go to the Mt Kiara Skate Park, if I’m not hanging out in Singapore, that is. You can check my Facebook athlete page “Hooi” for updates or my Instagram @h00i

Wee Chong Hooi with a Backside Unity off the launch ramp at East Coast Extreme Park, Singapore, March 10th, 2016
Last shout outs?

My family, my wife, my team #wheellovemakanforce, and all my homies from all countries, Memen, Addis, Afiq, Alwyn, Glenn, Hakim, Ryemie, Amirul, Naqi, Edosh, B.Marsh, Dil, Dylan, Angelo, Kah Leong, Henry, Derrick, Alvin, Ninja, Ironman, Timothy.B, Alex.T, Eliot.D, Boiy, Syam, Qari, Jeerasak.T, Tsuyoshi, Minami, Angela, Jerry, Yasutoko Brothers, Mark Teo & his team, everyone who has been pushing my limits and giving me alot of motivation. You guys are awesome.